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scanning incomplete, error -43

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I get the error -43 when my system tries to backup a new macbook. I'm running retrospect 6.1.126 using driver The backup client is 6.1.130. All macs are running the latest mac os 10.4.10. My backup server is run on a dual 450 G4 power mac.


The backup server scans the files gets to the detailed window but dies before it backs up a single file with the logging of the error -43. How can I fix this?




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I created a couple subvolumes in the User folder as there were two users defined. In the client volume selection I highlighted just on of the users. Then ran the backup. Still got the error -43. Then I went back to the client tool and selected just the other user and reran the backup server. Again error -43.


In all cases it gets to the window on the server which shows the status of the client backup, always dying in the beginning execution....


Is there a way I can find the file which is causing the scan to fail?


Is there a new issue with the new mac books which could cause this problem?

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Is there a new issue with the new mac books which could cause this problem?



Before going there, let's make sure it's not some other configuration error. The steps you are taking are not clear (at least not clear to me).


> In the client volume selection I highlighted just on of the users


To be clear, does this mean Configure->Clients->Volumes (tab)->Select Online Volumes ?

Note that selections here can be overridden by the choice in the General tab.


> In the client volume selection I highlighted just on of the users.


To be clear:


- Backup Server Script

- Click Sources:

- Click Add...

- Select "Defined_Subvolume_Foo" (within the Backup Clients disclosure triangle)

- Click OK

- Click OK


You can get Retrospect to scan a volume without trying a backup:




Does this give you any error?

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Initially I just configured the client to backup the entire disk


1) Configure ->Clients->General = Backup: Client Desktop

2) Configure ->Clients->Volumes (hard drive by default would be selected)


This is how I've done it on other systems and initially on this system. It did backup once or twice,


Then you suggested I setup a subvolume so I did the following:


3) Configure ->Volumes (which brought up the Volumes Database Dialog)

3a) Volume Database ->Highlighted the client's volume in

3b) Volume Database ->SubVolumes... (selecting one of the ./Users/(username) to create a sub volume)

4) Configure ->Clients->Volumes -> highlighted just the sub volume


Then I started the backup server and double clicked the client to start an immediate backup. Continued to get the -43 error. Added a different user as a subvolume repeating the steps 3 through 4 and again got error -34


I didn't change my script but do have the following


Automate->Scripts (choose backup server script) ->Selecting:


- Include everything

- but always exclude folders containing

-- enclose folders name contains Downloads

-- enclose folders name contains Limewire

-- enclose folders name contains My Tivo

-- enclose folders exactly matches System

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As I suggested, I believe (but have not tested this morning) that if you select a specific volume as you did in Step#4, but still keep "Client Desktop" selected in the General tab, Retrospect will still scan the entire boot volume.


So if your intention is to limit the scanning to a more modest Source (as was suggested), then you have not done it.


So instead, what happens when you try the steps provided above? Add _only_ the defined subvolume as the Source for your Backup Server script, an/or test scan the defined subvolume using the Browse button?


Doing your tests without the Backup Server script might make your troubleshooting (and problem reporting) easier.

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