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2.0.214 is an update and will not install - Edited


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I just purchased Express HD and downloaded v 2.0.244. When I click it informs me it will install the 2.0.244 update. After a minute it tells me it can't find retrospect and exits the install. It appears to me that the primary download after purchase is actually an update and not the full version.


How can I get a full version?


FWIW I tried to installed version 6.0 first (I used to use this version) and then ran the update but had no effect. V 6.0 still fails under vista and there is no v7.5 installed.


Is there a link to a previous 7.X version that I can update from or a link to the full version of 7.5 Express. I have paid for it. I just can't get it apparently.




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Correct. I mistyped. It is 2.0.214. Apparently this install is both HD 2.0.214 and the update for retrospect 7.5. When I install this on another PC (which has never had another retrospect version on it) I get v2.0 HD. When I install it on the current PC that I posted about it attempts to update retrospect to v7.5 (the professional version). Now I did have the pro trial version installed before maybe that is why there is a problem.


Here is a link to an image of the error ->




That message is from installing the file: Express_HD-EN_2_0_214.exe


So there is more to that file that just HD. Anyway the point is somewhat moot once I realized the HD is not the same as express and express is what I wanted. After installing HD on my other PC as I explained above I realized that it is a featureless version of express. Now I need to see if I can talk someone into letting me apply that purchase to a real retrospect version.


-- I'd still love fix to the above problem.


P.S. I have uninstalled all previous versions. There must be something left somewhere that is confusing the installer...



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