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Retrospect Pretending to Restore!

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Retrospect v6.1.126 on Mac OS X 10.4.9


I am trying to retrieve a file (I"ve done this hundreds of times).

Retrospect finds it in my archive, goes off to retrieve, and in a split second says "execution completed successfully".

Except it's not executed at all!

Also I thought I'd not uncheck any of the files found to see if this was causing any problems; Retrospect went off and retrieved a fraction of the files it should have (NOT the right ones!) in a seemingly arbitrary way frown.gif

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Thanks for your reply. Sorry the question wasn't clear. I've got it sorted however...


The question was... Why won't Retrospect retrieve the files I've selected?: Retrospect goes off and according to it's own log found it...


+ Executing Searching & Retrieval at 19/06/2007 15:22

To volume Macintosh HD…


- 19/06/2007 15:22:03: Retrieving from Archive A…

19/06/2007 15:22:04: Execution completed successfully.

Duration: 00:00:01



It didn't retrieve (and only took 1 second!!!!)



The Answer is: This is a known problem. In the directory, go to "Configure - Backup Sets".... Select the set you're trying to retrieve from and click "configure". From this window, select the "members" panel. Then you need to select the Archive Set 'missing' and select "Set Found" (seemingly it just loses itself from time to time!)


I hope this is clear!


Thanks for your reply.



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This is not a "known problem". It is not a problem in any way, just an incorrect configuration.


Backup Set Members can not go into a "missing" status without the user clicking missing. You will find a log entry that gives the exact date and time that the member was marked as missing by the user.

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You are right. I've found this entry which would explain it. Now all I have to do is find the person who marked it!



- 14/06/2007 11:55:02: Retrieving from Archive A…

Reported missing by user: “1-Archive A”

14/06/2007 11:58:08: 1 execution errors.

Remaining: 5 files, 2236 KB

Completed: 2 files, 1041 KB

Performance: 1.4 MB/minute

Duration: 00:03:05 (00:02:24 idle/loading/preparing)


We are quilty. Whilte Flag and all that. However, in my defensive manner, is it not odd that Retrospect gives us the message:


- 20/06/2007 21:33:01: Retrieving from Archive A…

20/06/2007 21:33:02: Execution completed successfully.

Duration: 00:00:01


Maybe it might be better reporting that it can't retrieve due to backup set missing?.


Thanks for your post.

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