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Crashing during backup

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Every time i run a backup it crashes. The backup backs up from several different machines over a wireless network and it always seems to crash in a different place. i have tried everything i can think of to get it to work but it still crashes. Is there any known reason why the backup would fail like this all the time? The other thing running on this machine is Oracle XE, can't imagine it is this as it is not usually in use when the backup runs.

It is Retrospect 7.5 and is up to date.

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Tried it with System Restore off on the server and it crashed again just like before. Does System Restore also need to be turned off on the workstations? I also noticed it crashed around the time the network went very slow, the transfer speed was quite slow, this may just be coincidence.

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I have just tried a number of things to get it to work and have also been watching the task manager window to see what is running and even with the following system state the server still crashed:


System Restore: off

Windows Firewall: off

Antivirus Software (AVG): uninstalled

Oracle XE (database): off

D-Link Wireless Software: off

Other programs: not running

Wireless network running at a good speed


There is no relation between the file it is backing up and it crashing.

Can RAID cause problems (the backup is to disk), it is set for RAID1?


Task manager showed the only thing using processor speed at the time of the crash was Retrospect (at most 8%), the rest was System Idle Process.

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