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I run the french Retrospect Version 7.5.387. The problem I am having is that no script are running: they are all waiting.

I have added a new computer to the network and installed the client on it.

When I tried to do a simple test back up, Retrospect says "Attente d'unité d'exécution" which could be translated as "waiting for an execution unit" in the "waiting" part of the activity monitor.

The planned part says that nothing is planned and the execution part says nothing is exectuting.


And the red x button is not on, ie there no deferred problem.


Thanks for the help



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Thanks but that did not help : I have had the server reboot a couple of times before posting here.

Moreover when I schedule a script to run on a daily basis, nothing shows on the scheduled part of the Activity Monitor.

When a schedule a script to run "now" it does run though...

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Apparently it seems that it is the "scheduling" part that is not working: I can launch a script to back things up "immediatly" but if I schedule it on a specific time (say 22h00) on a daily basis, nothing happens.


I really appreciate any help on this one.

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