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losing windows subvolumes

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We are using AdmitmMac now to mount Win2003 server shares. We were using appleshareip previously. We are now mounting the volumes as cifs shares. We are not using client software. When we add a subvolume in a backup script, it only holds till a reboot. On the reboot it is in the list but greyed out. The info on it says subvolume is no longer available, although the drive is mounted and the subvolume exist and can be added again. The shares are mounted with a script with the same credentials everytime. Volumes work ok. Subvolumes do not.

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The AdmitmMac is not connecting to the disk consistently. Retrospect does not recognize the disk as being the same (Same creation date, same size, same name, same block size, etc).


Sounds like a bug in the mounting utility because it does not remount the disk to appear identical every time.


Why not use the Retrospect client software?????

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