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Customer Support is non-existant for Express HD for Windows


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I have had only one problem since upgrading my machine to Vista ... dealing with this company. I cannot seem to get a license code for version 2.0.214 even though I have a valid copy of the original software that came with my Maxtor external HD. I cannot get this company to respond to me. I emailed customer support / technical support ... no reply. I even when so far as to email the Executive Vice President, Storage Product Operations - David Donatelli ... again, here it is almost 2 weeks later and no reply. Beware purchasing of products from companies that refuse to support them.

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You do realize that Express HD 2.0 is sold by Smith Micro and not EMC? Smith Micro handles all support and license codes for this product since they are the company who licensed the software from EMC and is the only company who sells this retail.


Besides contacting the EMC EVP who have you tried contacting?


If you did manage to get the Express HD 2.0 software with hardware, then you should contact the hardware company.


You can also call 800.225.4880 and EMC Insignia can help to get a license code. Have you actually called that number?

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Hey, Thanks.


I did call the number, and I was able to get some assistance. However, I am still looking at a PAID upgrade as a final solution. After all I've been through, ... I don't think so. Thanks again for the info and phone number, however I would have expected someone from the company to provide this information in one of my many emails requests.

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No upgrade path exists from HD 1.x (maxtor) to HD 2. You would need to make a new purchase from Smith Micro since these are considered different products.


You can find Express HD 2 on Amazon.com, directly from Smith Micro or other resellers. EMC does not sell it directly.

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