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Lost password recovery?


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oh yea. I wasn't really expecting to get around the ecryption, per se. The nighlty backups have been running OK for months with a stored password, I just can't seem to get it right. I am just making sure that there aren't any known bugs where the password isn't being processed correcly when I try to do a restore. Since I can't restore, the data is effectively lost. Clearly the program knows what it is, what I need is for it to reguritate it for me.



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The problem is that I have just deleted a directory by accident and would like to recover it. Its not the end of the world since I can else-wise recreate it, but this would be better. I had just run the backup last night and killed it today.


I have already made a new full-backup of the remaining data since I assume it will be unrecoverable from the old backup-set.



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Just a recap for some user education...


In my original scenario I was doing backups to a Disk Backup Set that had a password assigned and I had forgotten the password. The nightly backups were working just fine, but I found that I could not do a manual restore since it wanted me to present the password.


When I created the Disk Backup Set I had selected the Password Only-No Encryption option with the "Remember Password for Scipted Access" option. So, when my nightly scripts ran then everything was great. But, when I tried to do a manual Restore for a lost directory, it prompted me for the password which I no longer remembered.


The correct was to get "around" this is to...


1) Open the Configure-->Backup Sets window

2) Select the Backup Set and click Properties

3) Then, on the Options tab, change the Password: from "Save for scipted access" to "Save for any access"


So, what this did was "unlock" the Backup Set without having to know the password. True, I never did learn the password using this method, but I DID get the data and can at least copy the backup set to another one with a known password if I wanted to.


Also, it seems that I could have written a script to do a Transfer Backup Set, but this was easier.


Bottom Line: If you have a backup set with a password that you forgot, and it was set to "Save for scripted access" you can change that to "Save for any access" without giving the password.


Works for me!



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