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Lost Retrospect Server Configuration

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I was recently checking the backups on my Retrospect server. When I launched Retrospect, I was confronted with the new installation wizard asking for my serial numbers. Once I performed the registration, to my dismay, I discovered all of my clients, scripts and backup sets were not listed. It was, as far as Retrospect was concerned, a new installation. After some troubleshooting, I discovered the Retrospect content within the folder at this path had been "reset": "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect". After having several issues with a 7.0 to 7.5 upgrade, I reinstalled Retrospect from scratch and previously renamed the Retrospect folder at the above path. On a hunch, I renamed the new Retrospect folder to Retrospect.old and the previous Retrospect folder back to Retrospect. Closed Retrospect and launched it. All my scripts, clients and backup sets were listed prior to my reinstallation of Retrospect 7.5. In my previous configuration, I was getting a full backup of my Retrospect backup server. I attempted to rebuild the catalog file for that backup set and restore the All Users profile folder to obtain the previous Retrospect folder at the above path. No luck. I was not able to recover from an obvious disaster ON my Retrospect server. I have three questions. First, what the heck happened to my Retrospect server installation?!?!? Second, is my current backup solution not the best (i.e., design of scripts, backup set rotation, saving of snapshots, etc.)? Three, has anyone else experienced this particular challenge? I am currently on 7.5 of the latest build. I'll reveal more of my Retrospect server if anyone needs that information to help answer my questions.

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