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Can't connect to Win98 Clients after upgrade to 7.5.370


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After upgrading to 7.5.370, Retrospect can no longer connect to my Win98 client computers.

When it tries to connect, such as by clicking the "refresh" button, from Client Properties, the error message is "Client speed test failed, error -1 (unknown)". At the same time, on the client machine, an error message pops up with the title "Error Starting Program".

The messages says "The PCVLDRVR.DLL file is linked to missing export ADVAPI32.DLL:ConvertStringSecurityDescriptor To SecurityDescriptorW.

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This thread started 02/13/07 and two months later still no solution? And no reference to this problem on support pages? I should have known better than to blithely install a Retrospect upgrade just because it was available.


By the way Window ME clients behave just like Windows 98 clients.


"Can't access volume Archive on HPPAVILION, error -1 (unknown)" and

"Client speed test failed, error -1 (unknown)"


And where are those instructions for downgrading to previous version without destroying current backup setup?

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Just upgraded my Single Server to 370 to support Vista, and now have this same problem on 3 machines, 2 Me and one 98. sowen222's workaround didn't solve the problem.


Since we have only one Vista machine and it's sort of experimental anyway, I'm reverting to 324.


Really, there should be something in the Knowledge Base about this -- I searched on the ADVAPI32 string and got 8 hits, none of which actually contained the string. Mayoff, if EMC is aware of the problem and working on a solution, why aren't you telling your customers??

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