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REV Drive not seen in storage devices

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We have a REV 35 gig USB Drive and it seems to have all the drivers installed. The thing is seen by windows SBS 2003 server and I can write to it outside of Retrospect 7.5. And I can format the discs too.


But when I go to the configure>devices screen there are no drives listed. It tells me that 'there are no tape or optical drives found'


However it can see that it is there since I can go to the volumes section and it sees it and can configure a volume with it.

But I don't think that is what I want to do.

It can also see it under the environment tab and it says its a CD but the product says that it is a RRD (Rigid Recordable Disc as Iomega puts it) so it seems like I have the drivers installed OK.


All I want is to make a backup of the hard drive and have the rev drive as the destination.


Can sopmeone tell me what I am doing wrong in this setup?

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Note that with the latest update (version 7.5.508), you WILL now see the REV drive in the Storage Devices window. However, disks that contain "Disk Backup Set" data will show up as "content unknown". That is fine and won't have any effect on your Disk Backup Set.


However, the reason the drive now shows up is because Retrospect now has "Removable Disk Backup Sets". This type of backup set is specifically designed for removables and makes spanning/media management easier, but also reserves the entire disk for Backup.

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