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The program will not install on my PC!


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I just purchased Retrospect Express HD. Downloaded it from Allume.


When i run the installation file it says “Retrospect 7.5 for Windows Update”. Then when i follow the install prompts it says “The updater could not find a valid copy of Retrospect installed. Please make sure Retrospect is installed before running this updater.” Then it closes.


This is incredibly frustrating. I am trying to install the software... how can i already have it installed!!!!


Either a) you have given me the updater instead of the setup program for the application i purchased from you, or B) the previous version of Retrospect Professional (which i have removed from my system) is stopped the install from happening.


This exact same thing happened to me when i tried to use the trial version of Retrospect Express HD - but silly me - i thought the trial must have had a bug and so i purchased it via download from Allume - and the SAME THING HAPPENS!!!


I need help.

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