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Backup of iDisk (source) on Intel MacBook Pro Makes Retrospect Barf

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When I choose my iDisk as the source for a backup to an external Firewire drive, Retrospect just exits with no message or warning. The log does not contain any information. Retrospect tells me that "Warning: volume iDisk has the Ignore ownership setting enabled." but "show Info" on the iDisk volume does not give me any way to fix this.


I can fix the "ignore ownership setting" issue on regular local hard drives, and I can also use those regular local hard drives as source for backup just fine.


Anybody else seen this problem? Any ideas how to fix?


I would really like to back up the iDisk if I can. I'm on Mac OS-X 10.4.8, Retrospect 6.1.126. Note that it blows up on an Intel MacBook Pro but seems to run OK on a PowerMac G4.

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