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7.5 ru759102, inmediate Backup with security info from server report -643 and -1114

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Hello everyone


1. doing this on my server, without backup file security info from servers

works fine, but wat is going to be the consecuences


2. if the error coming from file system of my windows 2000,

how to fix these, does any one has experience fixing error on filesystem, (large name, invalid names,)





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Are you getting these on specific files/folders or on everything? Does this happen only on one server or all servers? Maybe a cut and paste from the log would be helpful. Check Windows Event Viewer to see if there are any errors when the backup is running. It may be worthwhile to run a checkdisk if you haven't already.

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I think that is on only specific files, and it happens on just one server windows 2000 sp2

the log only report, error chunk file ( end of file)


no reports of the name of the file,


what i think, the problem is,

maybe the file system, how to fix,


i will send you the report, and i will check the event viewer


thank you Ronald

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maybe the file system, how to fix,



(Hope I get this right in English, I'm running Swedish Win 2000)

Right-click on the drive, select properties.

In the window, click on the tools tag.

The top option is the disk repair. (The actual repair will not occur until the next PC restart)

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