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Error 525 (name/login conflict)

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Until a few days ago, I had been successfully using Retrospect Backup 5.0.238 from a G4 running OSX 10.2.8 to back up another G4 and a G5 System 10.4.3. Now and then it would get the error: Error 525 (name/login conflict) which restarting all computers seemed to fix (the computers names are different, by the way). A few days ago I got this error and cannot seem to fix it. The G4 with Retrospect doesn't 'see' the G5 (it sees the other G4). Retrospect Client IS running okay on the G5, and I CAN mount the G5 on the G4. The only thing that changed that I can think of is I removed a lot of Prefs because I was (and am) having a problem with Final Cut Pro 4 quitting.


Should I call a Network tech? I cannot back up my G5!


Thanks, in advance,


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Do you mean ...



And here's the problem; readers are unclear about exactly what you are doing, and what you see when you do it.


When you ran the client installer, you should have been prompted for a client name and password. Note; Retrospect does not care about the Mac's name in the Sharing preference pane; the _only_ name used for clients is the name you put in when you install.


From the Retrospect machine you should forget the old entry for the client. Then look for the client in the Backup Clients on a Network window (Configure->Clients->Network) and add it in.


- Does this work?



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