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Batching scripts


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Is there any way to schedule several scripts to run one after the other beginning at a given time?


Why? I have a machine with lots of great big files (virtual hard disks, video) that I want backed up, but I don't need a history of these files. Meanwhile, I want to use progressive backup for the rest of the disk & boot drive. I had planned on backing up this machine with two scripts - one a normal backup for most of the disk, and another script running a duplicate for the other stuff. How to schedule them? Having to pick a time for each is a pain as I don't know when the first will finish and I want to make sure both get done. Hence, I'd love to schedule a batch of scripts. (especially since I have several machines that fit this bill).



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Put the same time on both, or better still, if you want them to be run on a certain order, just make one run a minute later.

The second one will run automatically when the first one finishes.


I don't know about the Windows Retrospect scheduler, but, simply FYI, the Mac Retrospect scheduler is odd. It will select from all currently-runnable scripts in alphabetic order, not in the order of their given start times. So, if you have 10 scripts, scheduled to start one minute apart, and the first one takes at least 10 minutes to complete, the remaining 9 scripts will execute in alphabetic order regardless of their specified start times.


Just something to think about as a possibility if your first try on this does not work as expected.



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