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Not sure how to restore 1 mailbox


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I'm Jay - New to this forum, hi folks!


I recently installed EMC Dantz on a server (Server X). That server then done a scan on our network and found the Exchange server. Server X has been backing up the Public folders and Mailboxes on a daily basis. I can see that the Retrospect folder has Mailboxes and PublicFolders and lots of files in those folders.


I now need to restore 1 users mailbox (Andrew). So I launch the software, click on Restore and choose Mailbox. It asks me which mailbox I want to restore so I drill down to Andrew. It then asks me where I want to restore it and I choose Andrews mailbox on the 'live' server. It then asks What I would like restored, so I untick everything except for Inbox.


I then click Restore Mailbox. The next screen that pops up is asking me to "Please select the bacup set member". This is where I get stuck. I'm not sure what this is and/or what it means.


By the way, Server X is always logged in as Administrator with full rights


Please can someone help?





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Hi Jay -


A backup set can contain many members. In the case of a Disk backup set it can contain more then one disk (depending on your setup). if your disk backup set is named "Exchange Mailboxes" the first disk you use with that backup set will have a member called 1-Exchange Mailboxes. If that disk filled up and you specified a second disk to use it would be called 2-Exchange Mailboxes, etc.


"Please select the backup set member".


The screen will also tell you exactly what member it is looking for (eg: 1-<Backup Set Name>, 2-<Backup Set Name>). The error is saying that it is unable to locate the files for:


xx-<Backup Set Name>


Make sure the drive containing the requested files is attached and available.


Hope that helps,


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