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Moving Retrospect data from DAT to DVDR?

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I work for a CD and DVD replication and duplication factory.


Client wants to move their Retrospect backups from DAT to DVDR.

It's all graphics files. Catalogs are on the tapes.

They have a lot of tapes.


I understand the ramifications of storing data on tape vs disc, and that multiple sets should be used....

And I'll impress this on the client.



In short, how would they move their Retrospect backups from DAT to DVDR?

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You don't say what version of Retrospect they're using or even what operating system it runs on which makes a big difference in your options here.


If they're using a recent Windows version, they can either move the entire backups, or just move snapshots for sources which would reduce the amount transferred and still have full backups of their sources. Use either the Transfer Backup Set or Transfer Snapshot option in the Tools menu.


Make sure that they are using a supported burner and good media. Which burner would, of course, depend on which platform they are using.

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