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Error 519 and Network Disconnects


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Can anyone help? I have Error 519 in trying to backup my laptop from my desktop. (Using Professional, client 7.0.107 both on XP.) In the past it has worked fine, but for last month it has never completed, but starts backups ok then terminates with error 519 after varying number of files copied - typically up to 50. Additionally, it terminates all network connectivity - I cannot then access my LAN eg via IE or email. All is ok if I reboot. (Just logging off/on does not help.) I have checked Tech Note 415 and forums, and checked/tried several ideas there, but nobody I can find has mentioned this network disconnect problem. Ideas (or a solution!!) gratefully received.

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Hi David,


The Retrospect version you listed is not the most current version, you might grab the updates here: http://emcinsignia.com/supportupdates/updates/retrospect/archive/#UPDATETYPE41


Are either the client or the server wireless? What if you disable the interface and re-enable it, rather than logging out, are you able to reconnect then? Are there any errors in the Windows Event Viewer when Retrospect loses connection?

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Hi Foster, thank you for your fast response and the advice. I apologize for not replying sooner, but with my job workload and the prospect of updating software had to wait for the weekend. But today I unexpectedly found the solution. My Belkin Pre-N MIMO Wireless Router simply died. No lights. Nothing. I had to go to my old wire-only DrayTek Vigor2600 Router as a backup. And then tried the Retrospect backup. It worked perfectly. Bottom line: it appears my Belkin router had been in the process of failing for over a month, but lower speed connections managed with it. But the demands of Retrospect backup were too much and that was what was causing those failures. I have no idea why it caused my desktop PCs connections to fail, but given that it is no longer happening, don't have to solve that one.


When I previously read comments in other messages about possible problems in the LAN, I thought it was a bit excessive, and that this couldn't be my problem. But it seems to have been. You guys know what you are talking about.


Thanks again.

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