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Assertion failure at mbro.ccp-2254

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I'm having problems with a 7.5 SBS version of retrospect at a client site. The automated scripts have been having problems so I rebooted the server before the next automated backup.


When the script ran last night it sent me a bunch of error emails that look like this: "Can't access volume Local Disk, error -1121 (unknown file system)"


I started a remote session and looked at the logs and the scripts. While browsing the backup sources I noticed a number of "local disk" items ( 12 to be exact) just under the exchange mail boxes object mixed it with the mailbox owner objects. This was very odd has the local disk objects were not there before and they do not show up in the mailbox store so I removed them from the selected source list and saved the script.


Now that the script looks better I wanted to run a quick test. I started setting up normal backup and when I click the sources button (because there were those odd "local disk" objects under the exchange mailbox area again) a pop box opens indicating the following error: Assertion failure at mbro.ccp-2254, it goes on and says its a serious error and asks to send the error and after clicking Yes or no causes Retrospect to closes. The popup also says errors were logged in assert_log.utx the contents of which are too large to post.





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User groups aren't the only thing listed in that article. You also need to ensure that user has an active mailbox and is NOT hidden from the Global Address List. With that user specified in Configure>Preferences>Security, unlicense and re-license the Exchange server within Retrospect and be sure to use the Current RBU Account option when authenticating.

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