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7.5 not backing up my C: drive


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I started a new Backup Set, "Backup Set B. I don't know why, but it ended up in a folder F:\Retrospect\Backup Set A\1-Backup Set A\Retrospect\Backup Set B\1-Backup Set B.


I'm repeatedly getting the message Trouble reading files, error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable) for my C: drive. My other two partitions are backing up fine. Even though I do an open files backup, I always exit all programs before I do the backup.

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Have you run any disk checking utilities/defragged recently? It's strange that this would happen on one partition and not others. All three partitions are on the same disk, correct?


As for the backup set, members are created at the location selected during the backup set creation wizard. It looks like you inadvertantly pointed Retrospect to the first member folder for backup set A.


What OS are you running, and whats the exact Retrospect version?

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