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Grooming hanging PLEASE HELP!


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Using V 7.0.326. Grooming stops working and asks me to select a Backup Set Member. When I select the member on that Maxtor (Backup Set A), it tells me that it is wating for a member and gives me Media Choices of Missing Member or Missing File. Since I don't wan to loose any of my backups, I cancel. Then the Backup set A window says that the size of my member is 200G with 0 Free. However the Member Properties tells me that I've only used 92G and that I have 141.8G or 60% available. I have those properties set to use at most 200G or 85%. What do I do next? I'm willing to upgrade to 7.5, but I think I should get this fixed first.



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7.5 Fixed a bunch of grooming bugs, and is highly recommended for anyone doing grooming. 7.5 grooming is also much faster.


Also, if grooming fails, you must do a catalog rebuild (not an update) before trying to groom again.


What grooming settings are you using? How many snapshots did you tell it to keep?

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I will definately get 7.5, but the question is, should I fix my current problem first or not?


When I went to Repair Catalag I first tried Repair file Backup Set. That led me to find Backup Set A.rbc on my J: drive (local HD partition). When I tried to open that file, I got the message "Cant use a valid non-file Backup Set to recreate." Clicking on the properties of the Backup Set A gave me "Couln't open Catalog File Backup Set A error -2259 (incomplete grooming dedected."


I have 800 .rdb files in F:\Retrospect\Backup Set A\1-Backup Set A. F: is my Maxtor. Under Preferences I have Execution units set at 1, History Limt set at 250 and Event Limit at 100.



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I went ahead and bought 7.5, since you said that it improved grooming, but ended up with the same results and a new problem.


When I started it up, it immediately tried to continue grooming Backup Set A. Then gave me the same error messages I had mentioned in earlier replies. So, I stopped the grooming and tried to rebuild the catalog. This gave me the exact message "Cant use a valid non-file Backup Set to recreate" that I got before. Is there some other way I can recreate the catalog and/or backup set?


Since I had space left on the Maxtor, I started a new Backup Set, "Backup Set B. I don't know why, but it ended up in a folder F:\Retrospect\Backup Set A\1-Backup Set A\Retrospect\Backup Set B\1-Backup Set B. The backup worked except for the fact that it wouldn't backup 12 Files, all of which are in "C:\Program Files\Adobe. The error I got was can't read, error -1017 (insufficient permissions). There is nothing different about these files than any other files. They all have administrator permissions and I am logged in as the administrator. There are 3,890 Files and 340 folders in "C:\Program Files\Adobe".

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Followed the instructions explicitly and found the following in the log:


+ Executing Recatalog at 10/31/2006 5:56 PM

To Backup Set Backup Set A...

The Disk Backup Set data file "AA001568.rdb" reported missing by user

The locked preference on the Snapshots is not preserved after a recatalog.

Please review the Snapshots in the Backup Set and make appropriate changes.

10/31/2006 6:51:12 PM: 1 execution errors

Completed: 167158 files, 68.5 GB

Performance: 1396.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:51:50 (00:01:36 idle/loading/preparing)

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