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Unable to add client

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I have a new "out of the box" ThinkPad T-60 that has an already in use image on it that I can not add to the Retrospect server. The server it's on is able to ping the laptop and the laptop is able to ping back, however when I try a direct add nothing comes back. When I try to test the IP it fails.


The wierd thing is that I can change the option from Direct to Multicast and I am able to see the client, but it's greyed out so I can't use it.


Windows Firewall has been set to allow TCP and UDP ports 497 open. It has also been attempted with WF turned off completely. I have also made sure to turn off Symantec client and checked services to make sure everything is off. I have tried repairing the client, and have fully uninstalled it and reinstalled, still no luck.


Any suggestions?

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Here's an update. We are a small office with WAP's set up to allow our employees to freely walk around with their laptops. I am on the companies only T60, whereas everyone else is on a T41. The T60 doesn't currently work using WPA1, only WPA2 and our WAP's aren't configurable for WPA1. 3COM sent us new ones since they "End of Life'd" or current ones and I am now able to add the T60 client to the backup server through the wireless connection. I still was not able to through the wired connection on the LAN, but wireless worked.


So whatever it is that's causing the problem, we'll have to figure it out ourselves I guess.

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