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Retrospect hogs memory during backups


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My server is running out of memory. I checked task manager and found that retrospect was using around 356 mb of my 500 mb memory and that cache was running at around 496 mb. Other programs taking up a small amount of memory leaving me with from 2mb to as low as 500 kbs. I'm adding more memory this weekend but I'm afriad that retrospect will only eat that too. When the backups finish all memory is returned.Any ideas on how to reslove this will be most helpful as my backups are running 24 hours. Not making us look good to our customers.

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What version of Retrospect are you using?




What operating system?




Where are you getting the report of the memory usage?




Does this happen only on the backup server? If it happens on clients, is this specific to a client, or does it happen with all clients?




Have you tried disabling Anti-Virus software?








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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I've been on vacation. We did change increase the memory on the server and that seems to have helped. We added another gig of memory and retrospect used about 300 mb of the additional memory totaling around 800 MB. That left the srever with about 650MB for system and other applacations. So guess we will call that a fix for now.




FYI: Retrospect version is 5.6.1 running under Windows 2000 server w/ sp's. The memory usage happens while retrospect is running any backup. We never disable antivirus on any system

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