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Creating a new back up set: What is being asked here


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I must be getting tired. I am now trying to perform a brand new Backup Set for this PC using the Wizard. What is being asked here and why does there not seem to be a way out of this screen? Using the Wizard I created a destination as you can see from this screen shot but, although I can highlight what I think is my backup set member I get no 'OK' button. How am I supposed to get out of this screen?



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Thanks for your response.


Well I have managed to solve my problem and I post my solution here for those who may fall down the same hole.


I am using retrospect 7.5.324 with windows XP and I am making a disk backup onto an external USB disk formatted in the NTFS format.


I tried using advanced mode. But this made no difference; I ended up down the same hole.


1 found that I could get out of this problem only by following the procedure shown below. First you click to this dialogue.




You follow the dialogues until you find it creates a brand new member with exactly the same name as the one you deleted. Just like this:




However, it turns out that it puts the new member deeper in the file structure like this:




Why it does this I don’t know, but to me it appears to be a bug. Why should the back up wizard ask you to create a backup member and then not recognise it later on in the process ?


Secondly, I would say there was a GUI issue here. The USER is left without any guidance at this point.


Still I managed to get past it. I hope others find this posting useful.

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