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Can Retrospect Express 6.5 do REPLICATION?

Ken Bernstein

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Hi there--


I'm not sure that "replication" is the proper term, but here is what I'd like to accomplish: Let's say that I do a backup of a volume at a certain time. After the backup, files are changed, added, and deleted from the volume. When I do another backup of the volume, I think that I can get Retrospect Express 6.5 to replace changed files and to add new files, but it doesn't seem to delete files from the backup set which were deleted from the actual volume (since the first backup). What settings should I employ to accomplish this?




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Hi Ken,


Backups won't delete older files when they're not present on the source. For something more akin to a 'mirror' of your data, you would want to use a duplicate with the 'Replace entire volume' option selected for your destionation. Make sure to save this to its own folder, otherwise it will overwrite any data present on the destination.

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