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Question: does Retrospect do delta backups on Outlook files?


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Outlook PST files tend to be huge, and a poor design leads Outlook to modify every PST file it interacts with even if the user's interaction is read-only, or even just load-only (so if one connects with a number of archive files simply to have indexing turned on with respect to them, each archive file changes every time you run Outlook).


Ideally, the backup software would store only CHANGES in each Outlook PST file, and not the whole file. (These are often called "delta" backups, or "in-file delta" or "sub-file delta" backups.) This would allow it to back up a few kilobytes rather than gigabytes if one were to backup, run Outlook and check mail once, and then backup again. If it's a matter of backing up every day, then this would be the difference between a few megabytes and a few gigabytes--an enormous difference!


I know some products do this (see Mobiliti, Safe Data Storage, Ltd., and some others), but does Retrospect?


I realize this example is a Microsoft product flaw, but Microsoft rarely corrects design flaws--this has been an issue for over a decade, and there are no signs that Microsoft cares about this issue. Also, this same issue arises with other big and slightly changed files, such as database files (e.g., a 10GB database with only 500 records changed since the last backup).


It certainly IS possible to work around it, and smart backup software should do that, as this will completely pointlessly and counterproductively be the bulk of each day's backup otherwise.


But does Retrospect do this, in any version?

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Okay; thanks for the amazingly prompt and sadly helpful reply, Foster! smile.gif


I hope this is changed soon--this would change a 5 GB daily Outlook backup to a few MB, I think, saving a lot of time and bandwidth. Other people are doing it, so....



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