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Do any Retrospect products do Grandfather etc backups + multiple machines question?

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I have recently had an issue with a bad backup over writing a good one (or at least that I what I assume has happened).


Do any Retrospect products do the Son . Father . Grandfather method so that in the instance of a backup going bad I at least have something to roll back to?


Also I want to backup the Main machine, laptop and Multimedia machine to at least one Terrabyte hard drive array (possibly mirroring this to a remote location across the wireless lan) - what Retrospect product am I looking at to do this?





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All 3 machines are running XP?


If that's the only OS present, and there are only 3 machines (+ whatever NAS device you have) then you would only need the Professional license. This will run on a non-server OS and comes with 2 client licenses.


As far as the Grandfater/Father/Son scheme, you'll need to schedule a rotation of a few backup sets to accomplish this when backing up to disk.

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