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Client Setup Files


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I have purchased two client licenses for the Retrospect 7.5, although not until today have I needed even one of them. (The licenses section of Config menu also affirms this as "0 used, 2 available.") I have read the various installation directions for Client installation. I cannot find the Client Setup files referenced in the various Help files nor on the original Express CD, by the way. Following may be why, but does not provide the solution. Anyone help, please?


The Retrospect I am using was a download purchased online as an upgrade to the Express verison. No CD. The various intermediate updates have likewise been downloads. No CD. The directions refer to locating the Client Setup files on the CD (no CD). Is there an alternate location where these Client Setup files might be found?


It's annoying to have the various Client Updaters files, which (apparently) are to update something I don't have in the first place.

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