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windows xp errors 1017,1020, diff mod date/time, diff data size


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Hello all. As many of you, I am running 6.5.342 which i recieved with my WD 250 GB hard drive. I am trying to create a clean backup that I can use when I replace or restore my internal hard drive. I just finished installing all of the esential software and have not yet installed my personal info. I am running xp pro sp2 and have the internal hard drive formated with NTFS. When I ran retrospect and set the destination as a new file, not over writting something that already exists. I recieved 139 errors. Most had a code of 1017 or 1020. Several did not have a code but stated "different modification date/time" or "different data size". Will these errors prevent me from restoring my hard drive if or when I have a critical failure and if so how can i create a clean, error free file?


ALso, once i accomplished the desired error free file, I assume that i need to create the disaster cd. IS there anything else i need to do or know? I don't wnat to think that i am set and then have a critical failure and not be able to restore as I have prepared.

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Hi Robert,


The reliability of your backup depends on what files failed to backup due to the execution errors. Error -1017 means the user Retrospect is running as does not have permissions for the file listed, error -1020 means the file was in use at the time of backup. Both of these errors indicate the files was not backed up.


The other messages you saw are comparison errors. These files did get backed up, but changed in some way before they were compared. The same is usually true for any messages located in the 'comparing' portion of the execution log.


Make sure you use your original Windows installation CD when creating your DR image.

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