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Network Backup Configuration Question


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I've used Retrospect on my Macs at work for a number of years, so I'm pretty comfortable with it. But now I'm facing Windows and Linux...


At home I have 2 WinXP systems and 1 Linux box with a removeable drive. My old strategy was to back up the Windows machines to their own removeable drives, but I want to consolodate all that.


Since Retrospect for Windows 7.5 doesn't have a Linux version that I'm aware of, can I use one Windows computer to back up both the windows boxes over the network to a Samba shared Linux drive (the removeable one)? Will a recovery CD be able to recover a backup off the networked drive? (Say one Win HD dies, I replace the drive, boot from a recovery CD and recover from the networked drive backup..)


thanks for any tips!

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