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Retrospect didn´t find the client!


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Dear EMC,


My name is Kai Apel from House of Research Berlin. We are using Dantz Retrospect for Tapebackup. Follow situation: 2 Windows 2K Servers - On the first server is running the software and at the second is the client. for 3 month it was function all (i have installed first time the client), but now alway, when i´m searching the client, i´ve got the following error: Can´t access a client at "lokal IP" error -541 (backup client not installed or not running) - but that´s not true. The client ist clientversion number 6.0 and the Software is 6.0.206 Multiserver-Edition. Can it be possible, that a new Windows-Update have close the Port for connecting the clients ? Wich port have to be free? With an other computer from our Network the client is connecting correct (WinXPPro). What is my problem and how can i find a solution?




Kai Apel (Berlin/Germany)

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Hello Kai,


The port required for Retrospect is port 497. I don't believe it's a problem with the port being closed however, if that were the case you would typically get error -530 (backup client not found). In your case it seems Retrospect can with the machine, but does not get a response from the client application on that machine.


If this is a machine that does not get rebooted often, you should open the Services console and restart the following service: Retrospect Client


Then launch the client application on that machine, make sure the Status says "Ready". Turn the client Off and On to make sure the application is responding. If the client is still not available after restarting the service you could try reinstalling. First uninstall, reboot, install the client and reboot again.

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