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Why does backup drive fill up?


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I've been backing up to an external (USB) 160 gig hard drive for a year. I do a full backup and have a restore disc set up in case the worse happens. I like the idea of being able to restore not just data but programs.


But now the backup routine is not working. Instead I get a message saying I need 140 gigs of space for the backup. But my hard drive only has 80 gigs of stuff on it.


I tried opening up the USB drive and deleteing old files, but that hasn't helped.


Do I just need to delete everything on the drive and start over?





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Do you actually have 140G of data to backup up? Even if you have 80G free Retrospect will make sure the whole backup can fit before it starts writing. You say you're running 'full' backups, do you mean 'Normal' or 'Recycle?' If it's recycle it should clear out the backup set and start over.



If you're using a disk backup set then the amount of free space available on the drive will be set to a limit within the properties of the backup set. You can modify this by going to Configure> Backup sets> Properties> Members> Properties and adjusting the "Use at most" value. However, if the files you deleted were .rdb files (part of the backup) you will need to either rebuild the catalog files so that Retrospect knows about these changes, or recycle the backup and start it over.

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