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Restoring to old backup set


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Not a computer wizard, using win98se, Maxtor One Touch with Retrospect Express. It was set to do a once a week backup. My problem is, I want to restore using a backup file from much earlier in the year. Due to hard disc problems, etc. my newest backup sets (AA000200 etc) contains data from 1/2005 while sets in July of this year should contain all my data. When I open the backup set in windows explorer I find a list of over 200 backup sets, dated, etc. Since I don't care about the backup sets in between, can I delete all the sets back to the one I want to restore from or can I choose one of these sets as my restore point??

Help, all my pictures, etc. are lost unless I can restore back to that point.


Thanks in advance



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Hi Dave,


DO NOT delete .rdb files. These do not represent individual restore points, they contain all your backup data broken into evenly sized chunk files.


The first thing you need to do is rebuild your catalog file, then you can restore whatever data you want from within Retrospect.


Here is an article on how to rebuild the catalog file: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=1076&p=2

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