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Backups and Duplicates to several Ext Drives


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Sorry if this is a bit long but I want to be specific

We have added another (also Server2003 OS) server and 2 more external Maxtor USB drives.

I am considering upgrading to Retrospect Multiserver 7.5 and want to make sure the following is possible before I do so:

I currently have a duplicate (mon-thu) and backup (fridays) scripts with the destination to their own NTFS labelled external drives. This permits native format quick restores (if needed) during the week, while the Friday backup remains offsite until Friday.

I would like do the the same thing with the new server, which I suppose would involve something like loading multi-server to one server, adding the second server as a 'client' creating four scripts in the software on the local server as in the following example where F: is the External Drive letter

Daily Serv01 Duplicate Script Date E on Serv01 to 'Serv01 Duplicate' on F:

Friday Serv01 Backup Script Data E on Serv01 to 'Serv01 Backup' on F:

Daily Serv02 Duplicate Script Date E on Serv02 to 'Serv02 Duplicate' on F:

Friday Serv02 Backup Script Data E on Serv02 to 'Serv02 Backup' on F:

Does that sound possible...anyone else have a similar setup?


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