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winerr 2202 error 1001


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I get the above error when running an unattended back up. When I start the back up manually from within Retrospect, it runs and completes successfully.


I am backing up to a share on another computer on my home network. The share has user security set up on it, and the back up set is configured to be able to access the share.


The computer where the share is located is running Win XP Pro. The computer running the backup is Win XP Home.

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This sounds like a permissions issue. When you launch Retrospect manually it will run under your user account. However, when Retrospect autolaunches it will run under the "Local System Account." This account may not have sufficient permissions to access your network volume.


Check out the following link on how to change the Retrospect Launcher Service.


TITLE: How do I back up Microsoft networking volumes using Retrospect for Windows?



The article is applicable to backup ups both to and from a MS networking volume.

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The computer running the backup has an ID without a password. I do not wish to put a password on the account. The service will not start when I set the logon to the ID without a password. When I create an additional account that is also an adminstrator account that does have a password and use it to start the launcher service, it will still not start. Any ideas? This computer is running XP Home.

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