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Backup Never Done


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Hi From Downunder


I need some help in determining how to go about backing up as I have never backed up anything before.


I have 36 gig scsi raid 1 setup with 4 partitions C:Programs(1), Data(2), Office Partition(3), Misc(4)

a 160gig external FireWire Drive & a dvd Burner

I need to backup partitions 1 Daily,2 Daily, 3 HOURLY ,4 is not important

I also want to use automated backup Daily But not have it backup the firewire drive (which it is doing at the moment) with a recovery cd to enable a reinstall if nessesary.

What would be my best uncomplicated solution because if it aint auto it aint gona get done.

Thanks in anticipation of your helpfull suggestions.

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What version of Retrospect do you have? Proactive backup will allow you to back up the disks/folders of your choice as often as every hour. The daily backups should be straight forward. It sounds like you have selected the my computer container as the source for your backup scripts. That backs up every drive on the machine including the firewire drives. Change your sources to include just the drives you want to backup.




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