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restore to Win 2000

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We have a Win2000 peer-to-peer network and back up to firewire hard drives. I need to restore a disk to one of the computers on the network (nasty worms and trojans are making it almost unusable), but when I try to select the computer in the Destination window, I get a message "Sorry, volume Drive C:C on Amadeus is locked or protected." How do you "unlock or unprotect" a Win2000 computer so Retrospect can restore to it?

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I appreciate the thought, Nate, but Retrospect client is installed on the computer that I'm trying to restore to. I selected this computer from within Retrospect's Restore as the destination drive, then I get the message to the volume is locked or protected. So again, I ask the question, how do I unlock or unprotect the drive so Retrospect can restore to it? I'd appreciate any further ideas or suggestions.



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