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Re-installing Retrospect Workgroup (Windows)

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I purchased Retrospect Workgroup Backup back in 2000 and used it for quite some time. Then a number os issues around my business popped up and the network was not functioning for a while. I am now trying to get the backup system up and running again and so I installed VER: 5.15 on a PIII running XP Professional. That installed fine and I entered in my license code and that was all fine. I then went in to configure the clients which on a number of machines (most of them) the client was still running. So when I tried to connect to the clients, it fails and does not connect. I have verified my network and all is functioning properly. So I click on the Advanced tab and it says that I need a server code to access the clients. So I enter in my license code and it still does not work.


It has been a while since I played with this and so I cannot quite remember how this went but I seem to recall having a license for 100 clients but I am not sure if the license was based on my workgroup server license or what. Can anyone help me with this issue? I would like to get my backups going again and I am indeed a licensed user but is there supposed to bne a separate license and how would I get mine back? This was all working for a number of years but the only license code I have is the main server package.


Thanks in advance.



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Retrospect 5.1 isnt fully compatible with Windows XP but I digress...


5.1 is before my time but I belive the licenses are built in. Check the License manager from the window menu. It should show how many clients you have available.




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