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New Panasonic DVD-RAM disk

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Thanks for that. I was being stupid about the DVD-RAM disk issue - treat it like a file, and everything works pretty well. But, it's limited to 4.7Gb, and with Photos and stuff, I need to back up about 10 Gb.


The Panasonic DVD writer is a multi format device. Seems to me that I could use it in DVD-RW mode and use several DVDs for the backup - as I used to do writing to CD-RW with an earlier drive.


In the latter context, Retrospect sees the drive as MATSHITA DVD-RAM SW-9572 version F100, using Configure / Environment, but not in bold, so Retrospect is signalling that it cannot use it as a backup medium in this mode. What might I do to persuade Retrospect to recognise the drive in DVD-RW mode, please?

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An upgrade to Retrospect 6.5 would solve the problem in two ways.


1) you can use a "disk" backup set which will allow you to span multiple DVD RAMs.




2) Retrospect includes a driver to use this with DVD-R/RW CD-R/RW media.




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