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SDX-T3N AIT tape in AIT1 compatible libraries, any real issue ?


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Client has recently acquired SkyData SST-2000X which is a relabeled Sony TSL-SA300C 4 tape AIT-1 autoloader. They have Workgroup 5.6 (Windows) on a 200MHz PII with 128MB and NT4 (SP6a). 6-8 workstations usually on this cluster.


Working fine using the SDX1-25C tapes. But they want to get a bunch of, much cheaper, SDX-T3N which are the 25GB (raw) AIT cartridges made WITHOUT the MIC (on cartridge memory, Memory In Cartridge). Does it make much practical difference in normal workstation backup operation with infrequent data recovery ?


Seems as though this would slow down searches, which is one big advantage of AIT on data recovery. Savings is quite substantial on 20 tapes. And they know enough NOT to go buy USED pull tapes.


Comments ?

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