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Retro Server 5.1 and meaning of text on license, BOTH Retro Server AND clients ?

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Well another request from (potential) customer as we are now getting into Retrospect based backup more.


? Is a licensed RS 5.1 Server package with the following line on the license sticker for BOTH the Retrospect 5.1 Server itself AS WELL AS 100 Windows Client User licenses ?




Retro Server BU 5.1Win 100 USR



I'd prefer this group go with 6.5, but they have 5.1, it works with all devices and client types that they care about, and just want to increase to more users on a server. Above is the wording from license sticker on a RS 5.1 package that includes CD with Windows Server code and this license agreement.




Tx for response,



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Yes, indeed the 5.1 license was both for the server and up to 100 clients. works great for disk set backups, BUT the Exabyte 8505 is recognized and not used. I have configured many Exabyte drives on many different systems using Retrospect and other backup packages for UNIX, MS-Windows, Linux, and ALL of them have recognized the 8505 drives.


The status returned includes the message "(no driver)" after picking the status tab under Devices conifugration. Now this is a drive that was used sparingly in an IBM RS/6000 server backup capacity until recently and label returned on an inquiry is "IBM 8505", did that affect the 5.1 version of Retrospect Server, even though in 5.6 Express and 6.5 Pro it is recognized and used ?


Will have to borrow another SCSI tape drive and take over to verify this problem. Docs indicate 8505 was supported when 5.1 (actually 5.11 in this case) was released.

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The device inquiry string affects how the device is recognized by Retrospect and which drivers are loaded. Yours is saying IBM rather than Exabyte which is likely the cause of the problem. Make sure the loader is running in a native mode - not using emulation.





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