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Q: Restore w/ 5.5

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hi, I bought a 5.5 from someone with an Ikebana HD. I successfully did the full "duplicate" entire disk of my compter HD, now I need to know exact procedure to do a full restore from a devastation if such should happen to me someday. Obviously with new HD I'd have new XP installed, so question is, to have identical KEYS and Installed & Registered programs along with files all "up" like before, I would install 5.5 again then do "Restore" function with Source the Ikebana. Is fully installed & set-up possible and what are exact steps from there to do it? Or do I need to buy "backup my pc" by "that" other company to do this more complete recovery?




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You should really be using Retrospect 6.5 to do this - 5.5 was created before XP was released.


To answer your question, If you are using the duplicate feature just make sure you have the duplicate windows system state information option turned on. If you need to duplicate back to a clean hard drive just repeat the same procedure with the source and destination switched. (Please note that Retrospect Express does not support registry duplicates you need full versions of Retrospect for that)


If you are using the backup feature in Retrospect your registry is automatically backed up and restored. The users manual located in the Retrospect program folder has detailed steps on how to do restores. Retrospect express _does_ backup your registry.




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