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Server Version Not Autolaunching


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Hello. I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem that has just started.


I"m running version 5.6 Server Edition on an NT box and Retrospect has decided to stop autolaunching the Backup Server script.


Nothing has changed on the machine and the autolaunching option is checked in the preferences.


It has been working just fine for over 2 years and now all of a sudden this is happening.


I've changed the script time to be a couple of minutes from the current time to see what happens. Down at the bottom of the screen it will say that the script is scheduled to start at the required time. When that time comes, that message will change to say "Backup Server Waiting Now." What's even more strange is I can change the scheduled time to "Always Active" and manually start the script under "Run" and it will work just fine.


I'm hoping someone can help with this. I really need to get this taken care of.


Thanks very much!!!

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No, Retrospect does not try to run a script right after you start it.


In this case you cannot preview a script in the Automate>Preview area because it is not a regular script. It is a Backup Server script. These do not show in the Preview area. Or in the Verify area as well. This is the same on the Mac version of Retrospect that we also have.

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