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Backup Outlook PST files


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I have a Win2003 server and tring to backup outlook .pst files from workstations. I do not have the backup open file add-on. When Retrospect 6.0 tries to back up the .pst files on the workstations, some how it is starting outlook on the workstations, after it starts outlook retrospect shows an error has occured and is unable to backup the .pst file because it is in use. DAA! retrospect opened Outlook. How can I stop Retrospect from opening outlook???

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Retrospect 6.0 does not support Windows 2003 server.


The following is from the Retro 6.5 read me doc.


Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 : Retrospect’s "Force backup of Microsoft Outlook data" option does not work with Outlook 2003. In order to back up Outlook 2003 data files, use Retrospect’s Open File Backup add-on to back up without exiting, or exit Outlook manually before backing up.


In any case, Make sure that you have removed the Outlook event handler from the Retrospect Client folders if it has been installed.

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