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Can't see E: drive on clients

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Retropect 6.0.206. and 30 clients (v6). Includes four NT boxes with HDs partitioned C:-F: (FAT 16).


Consistenly missing drive E: on these machines. Retrospect says there are two D: drives and advises resolving this. But we don't have two D: drives. And data on E: is not being backed up -- only C: D: and F:.


Thanks for any ideas.

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No luck so far taking this approach. The machine in question has only one user account, with full administrative privileges, and the retrospect client is not set to block access to any drive. Also, nothing is set up any differently on the E drive in terms of permissions/ownership than any of the other drives which Retrospect is able to see. Any thoughts?


Much appreciated.

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After re-reading your post I noticed that I missed something here. The client is seeing 2 d: drives as identical volumes. This can happen when disks have Identical ID serial numbers - normally this is caused by using a system restore CD on two disks in the same machine or using ghost to copy drives.


A disk utility might allow you to change the serial number but you may have to format the disk to get the numbers to change.


As a test try unplugging the current D drive and see if the "hidden" e drive becomes visible by the client.


Sorry I didn't catch this sooner



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