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Backing Up a Volume Set


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I am backing up my Windows 2000 server to a tape every day. I decided to add two volume sets, that are on a different server, to my daily backups. My problem is, when I go into the backup catalog to view it’s contents, the two volumes are only backed up when the tape is recycled. The normal backups are not backing up the volume sets. I am running the same script for the recycle and normal backup. How can I get the volume sets to backup with the normal backups?

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When I said volume set, I meant subvolume. Also, the two subvolumes are located on a second computer.


I have one script running all five days. In the script, I have a recycle execution scheduled once a week. Then another normal execution scheduled to run on the other four days.

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What happens if you kick off this script manually from the "run" menu? does a normal backup work? Do you get a media request message? if so what tape is it looking for? It could be that the tape is just getting full on the first backup.


What version of Retrospect do you have?



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