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Retrospect will not autostart


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I am running a W2K SP4 server with Retrospect 5.6.132. When a backup script is set to run at 3am it will not run unless the program (retrospect) is already opened. So I have to leave the retrospect program running 24/7 to get the backups completed. After each backup the program shuts down. Is there a patch for this or is this by design?

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I quit trying, long ago, to figure out why backups only fired off reliably if Retrospect was open and running. I now let my server login automatically (can be done via registry edit or tweakui), and I put the Retrospect icon in the Startup. My server is in a secure location so this isn't much of a risk in my situation.


That's my helpful two cents. The rest of the message is therapeutic and largely unrelated to your specific problem.


I find it troubling that for so many issues that many people have had with 5.x, the issues never got fixed, and that people who did choose to try upgrading to 6.0 say it still does not fix said problem. The support people say that you should try the latest version to get the improvements, the customers say the problems are still there. And of course upgrading isn't free.


Retrospect is fickle and moody, and I deal with it with patience and constant monitoring. After much twiddling, I have it working quite reliably. But I wouldn't turn my back on it for even a day, not a chance...


Since 5/11/2002:


System Availability: 99.9669%

Total Uptime: 503d 0h:57m:57s

Total Downtime: 0d 3h:59m:53s

Total Reboots: 33

Mean Time Between Reboots: 15.25 days

Total Bluescreens: 0


Well over half of the reboots were due to fixing locked up Retrospect sessions that wouldn't die.

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I gave up on it. Ever since I upgrade to 5.6x, I felt I got cheated of my upgrade. There has been no fixed that I know off. I see more problems.


The way I do it is to do autologin and leave retrospect running at all time and put it into Startup folder.

Ofcourse, I got screwed when retrospect crash.


Reports says newer version does not fix the problem so you are not getting bang for the buck unless you need newer features and newer bugs which probably wont get fixed either.


For me I dont need new features. I just need functioning program which I did not get. cryrub.gif

It is really sad that we have to get around the bugs because it wont get fixed.




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