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Preparing to back up server message on wrong machine!

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Here is my situation and any input would be appreciated.


I have a Windows 2000 server that is connected to a domain. I am using this server as the backup server for 10 clients using RS 5.5.144 Workgroup edition. These 10 clients have the RS client installed on them and things have been working fine for many many months.


Here is my problem.


All of a sudden this message keeps appearing on an NT server on the network which just happens to be the PDC for the network domain:


Messenger Service

Message from [myservername] to [Primary Domain Controller Name] on 8/1/03 10:02PM


Preparing to back up server volume. Please close any documents you're using on it and disconnect from it.


I understand that this message will be prompted on the client machine if the "Lock Volumes" during backup option is set. However, this message is appearing on the Primary Domain controller which doesn't even run the Retrospect Client! This option has been set since the initial installation of RS and none of the clients have ever received this message, which I think is rather odd.


The client I am currently at is extremely concerned about this as they fear I am backing up their PDC which is absolutely off limits! I need to find out why this message appeared on the PDC.


Please Help.






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First off double check the sources in your scripts. If your clients are your only sources you don't have to worry about backing up the PDC.


Did you by any chance upgrade to Service pack 4 on the PDC recently? I think there may be some messaging components in there.



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