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Zero length files

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I am runing 5.5 on Win2K Server, backing up another Novell Netware 3.12 server volume. The total backup size is about 5Gb and the drive I am using is Seagate 10/20 GB Internal EIDE. Everything seems to be working fine. I have no problems with scheduling and executing. I have 5 members of backup set marked Mon-Fri. Recycle backup starts at 1AM and it looks like it is backing up at incredible speed. It finishes the whole volume in about 15-20 minutes, then it proceeds with verification:


Completed: 26660 files, 5.0Gb

Performance: 297.0 MB/minute (353.0 copy, 256.3 compare)

Duration 00:40:09 (00:5:46 idle/loading/preparing)


However, when I try to restore the backup or it's part, all the files restored to the hard drive, either local or network, are ZERO LENGTH. I can see all the files, but they are 0 bytes long and ofcourse unusable:


File "g:\Clients\Novell\32Unins\unc32.exe": appears incomplete

File "g:\Clients\Novell\32Unins\unc33.exe": appears incomplete

File "g:\Clients\Novell\32Unins\unc34.exe": appears incomplete

File "g:\Clients\Novell\32Unins\u36.exe": appears incomplete

... etc


THe tape drive is clean. There are no viruses and the tapes are fairly new.

any ideas?



Alex Pejcic


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Retrospect can only use the built in Windows 2000 Novell client to access a Novell volume. Do you use another client normally?


I susupect that some of the APIs that Retrospect is using are not being correctly interpreted by the Novell server so the files are not actually being copied. I assume that backup and restore of native windows files works OK?





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Yes, I've been accessing Netware volume through Win2K Novell Client. If this is the case, I have to find another backup solution, as I can't change the setup I have. THat means back to Backup Exec or whatever they make now.

thanks for your help

Alex Pejcic

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